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If you look around you, you will find that there are many garage doors in The Staten Island, from commercial heavy duty garage doors, to residential garage doors, All New York Garage Doors can service all of them. We specialize in all kinds of garage door services in The Staten Island, and we will provide you with the service today. We carry parts for all repairs with us, so most likely we can fix your garage door today.

Overhead Garage Door Maintenance Staten Island

There is a reason why we start from the maintenance. Since this may be the most important service you can provide your overhead door in Staten Island with. So we would like to start from the basic - Every garage door, whether it is a garage door in Brooklyn New York, or a rolling gate in NYC, need to be maintained. The Overhead maintenance is what ensure that the Overhead door will continue to work for many more years, and it also help preserve the parts of the door that exposed to the Weather in the Staten Island. Lubricating the door every few months, will make a big difference.

Prepare your Overhead door in Staten Island for the winter

The worst time for an overhead door to stop working is during the winter. The winter in New York can be tough, and a good preparation can make it easier to go through the winter with a dry garage.  A good preparation can make the difference between an Overhead garage door in Staten Island that will continue to serve us even in the coldest days, and a garage door in Staten Island NY that will allow water to get into our garage since it hasn’t been sealed on time.
To prepare your garage door for the winter, you need to make sure that the Overhead garage door is sealed, and that no water can get in. You do not want to learn that your garage door is not sealed when it is too late, and that your garage got flooded during the night.
For garage door maintenance in Staten Island, and a preparation for the winter, contact us for a same day service. We will lubricate your door, tune the opener, adjust the springs, and make sure that your garage door in Staten Island is safe to use.

garage doors Staten Island NY

You may need a rolling gate repair, or overhead garage door repair in Staten Island, whatever it is, repair, maintenance or installation, we are the answer. The important thing is to wait for the pro to fix the problem, since every attempt to repair it, or to push the door to open or to close can be dangerous.

Overhead door opener repair Staten Island New York

Overhead doors in Staten Island can be used in 2 ways: Electrically and manually. Looking for a garage door company that repair Overhead doors in The Staten Island? Need someone to replace the garage door opener? This is what we do! We repair and supply garage door openers from leading brands. Need a commercial garage door opener? We can do that as well. We offer same day repair for all kinds of garage doors, including opener repair service. We are not limited to one brand, we service all garage openers in Staten Island. Whether it is a Lift Master or Genie garage opener in Staten Island, we can service it.
There are many manufactures of Overhead door openers in the American market, and each one of them will tell you that they offer the best opener for your garage door in Staten Island. But even if you went and purchased a high quality opener, it does not mean that you will be using all the potential that this garage door opener give provide you. You also need a professional garage door opener installer in Staten Island to install the opener for you. Only once those 2 things are accomplished, you can know that you are about to use a top quality garage door opener.

Which type of garage opener?

There are 3 main types of garage openers you will find in Staten Island: The Belt drive, the chain and the screw drive garage opener. The last will be the best choice, in case you are planning to perform the installation by yourself, since it considered to be the easiest to install. On the other hand, the belt and the chain drive openers in Staten Island considered to be the best openers you will find in the American market, so if you are looking for quality and using the services of a garage door company in Staten Island, you should consider purchasing one of them.
The chain drive opener and the belt drive are both work with the help of a chain or belt, which move along a metal rail, and by moving along the rail, and attached to the door on the other side, open and close the door automatically. They are both high quality openers, and with the right installation and maintenance should work for many years. If your garage door is working with torsion spring system, there are other options and types of opener for you, and you can read more about it in a good post about garage door opener Staten Island New York.

What is the differences between the types of openers?

The difference between the belt and the chain drive openers, and it doesn’t matter if it is a garage door in Staten Island, garage door in Bronx, or a garage door in Manhattan New York, is that the belt drive is quitter than the chain drive. The belt drive opener work with a rubber belt instead of a metal chain, and by illuminating the sound of a metal chain while it is moving along the rail, it turn the opener into a much quieter one. If how loud is the garage opener matter to you, you may want to consider a belt drive opener for your overhead door in Staten Island, since they are the quietest openers.

Garage door opener service in the Staten Island

With our same day Overhead door opener repair in the Staten Island, we can supply and install a new garage door opener for you. Not sure if you need to repair or replace? You can contact us at any time, and we will gladly assist you. We service all 5 Boroughs in New York, and if you are located in Staten Island New York, we can be there today.


New garage door opener Staten Island NY

Garage door spring repair Staten Island New York

The way garage doors in Staten Island work, is by using a spring system that makes it easy to open and close even the heaviest Overhead doors in Staten Island. When one (or both in some cases) break, and the garage door need to move without the force of the spring, it may be dangerous. So we recommend you to stop using the door, and contact a garage door company that repair garage doors in The Staten Island. Ignoring the snapped spring, and trying to operate the Overhead door, will lead to one of the following options, or even both:
First, you will cause a bigger damage. If the spring broke, and it need to be replaced, we can fix it today since we offer same day overhead door repair in Staten Island. If you will insist using the door although the spring is broken, you may burn the motor (if you are using one), or you can cause a bigger damage to other parts of the door.
The second thing that may happen, and that you probably would like to avoid, is the risk of using a garage door with a snapped spring. The weight of the Overhead door in Staten Island is calculated to be carried with 2 spring, and using it with only one spring can lead to serious injury, since the missing spring is not there anymore to balance the door.

Can I replace the spring by myself?

The answer to that question is possibly. Many people try and replace the broken spring in a “do it yourself” spring replacement. And some of them succeed, although Overhead door in Staten Island is not in a perfect balance, it may still work sometime. The problem start when you are planning to replace the broken garage spring in Staten Island by yourself. After watching a step-by-step spring replacement, and after watching the Video, you decided that you can do it. But there are few things that you did not consider, and you should definitely think through before deciding to do it yourself. You can read the article about “Do-it-yourself garage door repairs” and learn more.


New overhead door Staten Island New York

New Garage Door Staten Island New York

If you are interested to replace your Overhead door in The Staten Island, and install a new on, we can help you with that. We supply garage doors from leading garage doors brands, all of them designed for the American standard, and with the work of our professional installers, your new garage door in Staten Island will work for many years.


What overhead door is the best in Staten Island?

When you searching for a new garage door, whether it is a garage door in the Staten Island, or a new garage door in New Rochelle, there are few questions you should ask yourself: Do I need an insulated door? Do I need it to include a window? Do I need it to be motorized? Do I need a lock? Is the frame in good condition? What is the purpose of the replacement? What is the budget for my new garage door in Staten Island?
To get answer to all those questions, you can either contact us, or visit our new garage door installation in New York post. But if we were asked about one important thing about purchasing a new garage door in Staten Island, our answer will be: Do not purchase a low quality garage door, that may have a tempting price, but that won’t last even half of the time that a high quality, insulated garage door is going to last.
When you purchase high quality garage door, from a garage door supplier in New York, you will fill it every time you will use the door, especially if your previous Overhead door was from a low quality.

Commercial Overhead Door Staten Island

Commercial overhead doors in Staten Island require certain tools and parts to be able to deal with the heavy duty garage doors in New York. As we always like to say – If it is a garage door in New York, we can fix it! We repair all kinds of overhead doors, including commercial Overhead doors in Staten Island. If you own a commercial Overhead door, and you are looking for someone who provide service for Overhead doors in The Staten Island, you should contact us. We offer same day repair for commercial garage doors in the Staten Island, and we will take care of your Overhead door today.
To us the reason doesn’t really matter. It can be simple repair, like adjusting the safety sensor, or it can be a complicated repair, like replacing commercial overhead torsion spring. What you need to do is to NOT try and make the door work, when there is something wrong with it. We know that a commercial garage door is something that can stop your business from running, since many times it may be the main entrance to your store or your warehouse in Staten Island, but trying to make the door work using excessive force will probably end with more damage, and at the same time can be dangerous.
We fix commercial overhead doors in Staten Island New York, and we can be there for you today. Contact All New York Garage Doors, and we will send someone to fix your overhead door in Staten Island today.

Commercial overhead doorStaten Island

Commercial Door Maintenance Staten Island

If you own a commercial or industrial rolling door in Staten Island, but you are unable to remember when the last time that your Overhead door was maintained was, it is time to contact us. We offer maintenance and tune up for Overhead doors in the Staten Island, and we will be glad to help you with all you Overhead door issues. The maintenance of a commercial overhead door, and it doesn’t matter if it is a commercial garage door in Staten Island, or a commercial garage door in Yonkers New York, require special tools and parts that not every garage door technician in New York carry. Just a basic tall lather is a basic requirement to be able to deal with the commercial overhead doors.
It may be an overhead door, or a roll up gate in Staten Island, we can service it. Since servicing overhead doors in NYC is what we do. Whether your garage door is locked and you cannot open it, or if the opener cannot open the door, if you need garage door service in Staten Island, All New York can help.


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