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All New York Garage Doors offer same day garage door services all over NYC. To us it doesn’t matter if it is a broken garage door spring repair In Queens New York, or garage opener installation in Brooklyn. With our same day garage services, we will be there for you today, and solve all kinds of garage issues. We have teams of technicians who service NYC, and they carry in their trucks many kinds of garage springs and openers, so you will get your garage fixed ASAP. Fixing garage doors is what we do, and we do all that we can to it the best in New York.
We know that we aren’t the only garage door supplier in New York, but we may be the only garage door supplier in NYC who offer to be there and fix your overhead door today. We have been servicing NYC for many years now, and we know which kind of garage doors are the most popular in New York, so we know which parts are more likely to break, and we carry with those parts to make sure that your door will work again today.
There is no need for you to wait many days for someone to come and repair the garage door. We will be there to assist you at your convenience, because we are always ready to serve all overhead doors and roll up doors in Manhattan NY, and we do all we can to provide our customers with professional, responsible and quick garage repair service. We will be there at your convenience, and we will do all we can to avoid hurting your schedule. Garage doors is what we do, and we are trying our best to become the best garage doors company in NYC. It require from us to work hard, to be on time, and to offer professional and responsible overhead door repairs in Manhattan.

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Our Garage Service in Manhattan NY

  • Garage door spring repair for all types of overhead doors in Manhattan NY.

  • Garage opener repair and installation for all brands in Manhattan NY.

  • New garage installation in Manhattan NY.

  • Commercial overhead door repair in Manhattan NY.

  • Same day service in NYC.

  • Emergency repairs in Manhattan NY.


We service all 5 Boroughs of NYC. If you are located in New York, we can fix your garage door today. Whether it is an overhead door repair in Bronx, a garage door repair in Queens, or a roll up gate repair in Manhattan New York, we can fix it today.

Garage Door Repairs Manhattan NY

Need a garage door repair service in Manhattan NY? Something is wrong with your garage? No need to worry, we are here for you. The first thing you need to do if there is something wrong with your garage is to relax. In 90% of the cases, the problem can be repaired, and there will be no need to completely replace the door and start looking for a garage door installer in NYC to come and replace the garage. Usually the problem – even if it is a spring that snapped – is due to lack of garage door maintenance, which can severely affect the way your garage is operating, whether you are using it manually or remotely. You will be amazed how much difference some lubrication can do to the way your garage door move, and how smooth and quiet it can be.
Since we offer emergency overhead door services in Manhattan NY, you don’t have to worry even if the door got stuck at the most unexpected timing. We offer emergency garage repairs services, so be confident that someone will be there for you any time, any day. And since we are located in Manhattan NY, and so are you, it means that you are local to us, and that we can be there sometime even in less than an hour. No matter if you need emergency garage door repair in the Bronx, or a garage door repair in Yonkers New York, we can be there today.

I live in Manhattan NY, and my garage door isn’t moving at all, what should I do?

The first you need to do is to stop trying to use the door, and stop forcing the garage door to open or to close. And that goes for all garage doors, in NY, It can be a roll up gate in NYC, or a garage door repair in Queens, the important thing is to stop using the door. It may be a simple problem that can be repaired in few minutes by a trained technician, but if you will insist to try and close or open the garage, you can create a bigger damage, that will cost you a lot more money to repair, and which will take longer time. So let everyone know that there is something wrong with the door so they will not try and use it, and call us for same day service in New York. Whether you need repair for garage doors in Staten Island, or commercial garage door repair in New York NY, we can help.
You do not need to worry even if your car is locked inside the garage. If you are located in NYC, we will get your car out and we will repair the problem on the spot. If for some reason we do not carry the part which is required to complete the repair with us, and we need to go and get it in order to repair your garage door today, we will get your car out of the garage, and we will close and secure the door until we will return with the missing part. The most important thing is that we will do everything we can for all our garage customers in Manhattan New York so their daily routine will not be disturbed since their garage door stopped moving. And to achieve it, we must be available and ready to serve you at any time.

Do you service all types of garages Manhattan?

We believe that a professional contractor, and it doesn’t matter if he is a wood floor contractor in NYC, or a garage door repairman Greenwich CT, should be able to perform all kinds of jobs in his field of work. So we can proudly say that we repair, install, inspect, replace, adjust and maintain all garage doors in Manhattan NY. When you are a pro, you can repair commercial, industrial and residential garages and doors, no matter how big or complicated the project is.
We train our garage technicians to specialize in commercial projects, and supply them with the tools and garage door parts that they may need in order to service a heavy duty overhead door in Manhattan. Another thing you should know, if you own or use a commercial overhead door in NYC, is that a commercial garage door isn’t something to ignore when it is not working properly! And if you will choose to ignore a problem, it may cost you a lot of money to repair it in case it will completely stop moving. But what more important is that a commercial heavy duty door in Manhattan NY can weigh hundreds and sometime thousands of pounds, and should not be ignored if it need to be services, whether it is a lubrication, maintenance or repair.
We repair overhead garage doors in Manhattan NY. Whether it is commercial overhead door, or a store front gate repair, or a rolling door maintenance, we can fix it, since overhead garage doors is what we do.


New garage door Manhattan NY

Garage Door Spring replacement Manhattan NY

We chose to start the part that talk about garage issues from the spring system for a reason: The garage spring system is like the heart of the garage door and has an important part in the way the door operate. If you live in New York, and you think that your garage spring snapped, avoid trying and forcing the door to open. In most cases, the garage spring in NYC break when the garage door is closed, since this is the point where there is the most pressure and tension on the springs, and when a spring break, the door is losing half of the power which lift and balance it, and it may become very difficult and even impossible to open the garage.
A common mistake that we witnessed many times during our garage services in the 5 Boroughs of NYC is people who ignored the broken spring, and continued to use the door with only one spring (In cases where the door is working with 2 springs). Those attempts are both dangerous and can result with a deeper damage. When you are using a garage door with broken garage door spring in Manhattan or anywhere else, it is just a matter of time before the opener will burn, something that will cost you much more money than you could save if you would contact a garage door company on time. The best thing to do will be to completely stop using the door, and to contact a local garage repairman who offer same day garage spring repair in Manhattan NY. A real pro should be able to solve any garage door issue on the spot, and to allow you to get back to your routine, of using a perfectly working overhead door in New York.

Torsion Garage Spring repair in Manhattan NY

If you want to know which kind of spring system is installed in your garage in Manhattan New York, go to the door and look for the springs, they will be either on the sides of the door, above the tracks, or at the center of the door above the open. If they are above the tracks, it mean that you have extension spring system. If they are above the open, close to the center of the open, and they are wrapped around a steel pipe (Called Shaft), then you have torsion spring system.
There are many garage doors in NYC equipped with torsion spring system, and a broken torsion spring replacement in Manhattan NY is something that we perform very often. If your torsion spring snapped, there is nothing much you can do to repair it, besides using a professional garage door technician for the job. You may try and locate a garage doors contractor in New York who will sell you the torsion springs, and you can try and do it by yourself and replace the spring without the help of a garage door company in Manhattan NY, but we do not recommend that since torsion garage spring repair can be complicated, and may require deep knowledge and understanding of the garage door and the way it work.
Same day spring replacement in NYC
If you are worried that you may have to wait for many days before someone will come to replace the torsion spring, so you will be able to use the garage again, you are worried for nothing. All New York Garage Doors offer same day spring replacement in Manhattan NY, and we carry with us many kinds of springs that should fit almost every overhead door in NYC. Since the garage cannot operate without the spring system, and since the spring need to perfectly fit the garage, it is important to match the exact spring for the door. Not a spring that “looks like” the right spring, and not a spring that you found and “think” it may fit the door. We carry springs for all overhead garage doors in NYC, and we probably carry the spring to repair your garage as well.

Garage Door Opener NYC

The second issue that can prevent a garage form working properly is a broken garage opener. Yes, if the garage opener is broken or dead you can still use the garage manually, but you probably want to get the opener fixed ASAP. For that you have us, All New York Garage Doors offer same day garage opener repair and installation services in NYC, since garage door is what we do.
Lift Master Opener Service in New York
It is no secret that our preferred garage opener brand is Lift Master. We tell all our customers in Manhattan NY that if they want a garage opener that will keep working even after 20 years, they should consider purchasing a lift master garage opener. It may be a little more expensive, but the extra money you will invest worth it when you get in return a garage opener that work in a perfect way for many years.
If you live in NYC, and you are looking for someone who specialize in garage openers repairs, whether you need service for Lift Master garage opener, Genie Opener, or if you need a brand new garage opener installation in NYC, we can help you make the right choices. Since a garage opener is something that you want to do once, and to forget about it for 20 years (Beside the garage maintenance that you can find here, and work for any garage door in NYC or someplace else).

Commercial overhead door Manhattan NY

Commercial Garage Door Repair Manhattan NY

If you need service for a commercial overhead door in New York, NY, you just find what you are looking for. One of our specialties in Manhattan is commercial garage doors repair, maintenance and installation services. We have serviced many industrial overhead doors in NYC, Brooklyn and other Boroughs, including garage door repairs in Westchester County, and we can repair your garage door as well.
Both residential and commercial garage doors in NYC need to be maintained. But when it is a commercial overhead door, which can be used more than 10,000 times a year, the maintenance need to be deep and should include - beside lubricate and tuning  - safety check. A commercial garage door maintenance can be complicated process, and require certain knowledge and special tools. We recommend you to use the services of a garage door company in NYC to do the maintenance for you, and to avoid doing it by yourself.
New Garage Door Installation Manhattan NYC
Like anything else in life, quality cost more than low quality. And the garage door field is no different. When you are looking to purchase a new overhead door, whether it is a new garage door in SoHo NYC, or a new garage door in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, there is one important thing you should look for, and that can make the difference between a garage door that will last for a decade, and a garage door that you will need to repair soon. And this thing is the quality of the door.
Just like any other product in your house, different products, from different brands cost different prices. And when you go to a Ferrari car dealership, you do not ask them why their prices are higher than others, since they probably offer quality. The same goes for the garage doors. We offer high quality garage doors, that may cost you more when you just purchase the door, but over the years, when the door will continue to work even after 30 years, and it will need no repairs, you will understand that quality is something that worth the investment.


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