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There are many different overhead doors in NYC, and All New York Garage Doors can fix all of them. Among the places we offer our same day garage door service is the Bronx. We offer garage door services in Bronx including garage door repairs and new garage door installation in the Bronx. If you are located in Bronx New York it mean that you are local to us, and since we offer same day garage services near New York, we can fix your garage door today. Whether you need a spring replacement for a commercial garage door in Bronx, or a commercial garage door services in Manhattan New York, we can help. Garage door services is what we do in New York, and since we love our job, we do all we can to establish a reputation as the best garage door company in the Bronx.


Garage Door Repairs Bronx NY
If you are need overhead door service, and you are looking for a reliable garage company in Bronx, All New York Garage Doors can help. If you live in Bronx, you are probably looking for a local garage company that will be at your location ASAP. Since sometime you need emergency garage door repairs in the Bronx, like when your car is locked inside the garage, or when you cannot open the door and access the garage. We are located in NYC, and we have teams of garage technicians around New York, and many times we may be able to come to your place in less than an hour. To us it doesn’t matter if you need a garage door repair near Manhattan New York, garage door repair in the Bronx, or a garage door repair in Yonkers, we will be there today.
All New York Garage Doors repair and service all kinds of garage overhead doors in the Bronx, commercial, residential and industrial. We carry all the parts we need with us, and we can complete most garage door repair projects in the Bronx on the spot, so you will not have to wait until we will return with the parts, and since we know which the most popular garages in Bronx are, we can repair your garage on the spot. We carry torsion springs, extension, and garage door openers. So there is no need to wonder when your garage door will work again, since when you use All New York Garage Doors, you can be sure that your garage door whether in the Bronx, or a garage door service near Brooklyn New York will work again today.


Garage door opener Bronx NY

Garage Spring Repair Bronx New York

There are 2 types of overhead doors spring systems in the Bronx: Torsion spring system and extension spring system. If your garage spring snapped, there isn’t a lot you can do, expect to call a garage doors company in Bronx. If you will understand the way your garage door operate and the its mechanism help it operate in a perfect way, you will understand the garage spring system is like the heart of the door, and they are the force which allow every overhead door in Bronx to work in a smooth and in a safe way. In that case, when the garage door spring break, and you need a garage door spring repair in New York, you better contact a garage repairman near the Bronx who offer same day repair service.
All New York Garage Doors repair and replace all types of garage spring in Bronx New York, including torsion springs, extension springs and more. After serving overhead doors in and near New York for many years, we learned which the most common garage doors in Bronx are, and we carry the springs that will fit almost any garage door in Bronx.
If your garage spring snapped, it probably happened while the garage door was closed. When the door is closed, there is a lot of tension on the spring system, and this is the point when it is most likely for a spring to snap. But it is important to clear that a garage door with a broken spring, whether it is a garage door in Bronx, a broken garage door in Queens, or a garage door in Williamsburg New York should never be operated. Since using a broken garage door, especially when the problem is a spring that snapped is dangerous, and can end with serious injuries. So inform everyone who use the garage that the door should not be used, and call a overhead door repairs expert in Bronx New York to come and fix the problem by replacing the broken spring.

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  • Garage door repairs Bronx New York.
    New garage door in Bronx.
    Garage door installation Bronx.
    Garage opener service Bronx.
    Emergency garage services in Bronx New York.
    Out of track garage Bronx.
    Safety sensors repair Bronx.
    Garage door replacement Bronx.
    Garage door tune up Bronx.
    Garage door spring repair Bronx.



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Garage Opener Bronx New York

There is no doubt that using an automated garage door, whether in the Bronx or somewhere else can really make life easier. This is the reason that even if the garage door can be operated easily manually, many people in New York who own garages choose to use a garage door opener to open and close their garage door.  If you own an automated garage door in Bronx New York, or if you consider installing a new garage opener, we can help.
We install and repair garage door openers in New York New York, and we can service all kinds of garage openers. Whether it is a Lift Master chain drive opener, or a commercial chain drive operator, we can help, since garage doors is what we do, no matter if it is a new opener, a spring repair, or any other type of repair.  We are not limiting ourselves to residential garage door. If you need a roll up gate repair in Bronx NYC, or a rolling gate repair in the Bronx, we can help as well. Just call us, and let us take care of any garage door problem in New York.
There is one important thing you need to know about your overhead door, and it works for all garage doors in Bronx New York, garage door in Larchmont New York or overhead door in Mount Vernon: The garage opener is actually NOT what lifting your garage door, although it may seem like it. It is actually the garage door spring system which is in charge of the lifting, and what make it so easy to open even the heaviest overhead garage doors in the Bronx. So if it seem like your opener is struggling to open the door, do not assume that you need a garage opener repair in Bronx, since if there is a problem with the spring system, or with the garage door mechanism, the opener may not be able to open your garage.
We often receive calls from customers in New York who say that they think they need a new garage opener, since their garage opener doesn’t open and close the door anymore. When we arrive, we find that there is a different problem, and that the opener is working fine and doesn’t need to be replaced. So we would like to make it clear, to help you better understand: The electric opener should only be used when the door is in perfect conidian, and move smoothly and easily when you use it manually. If you expect the opener to cover for the issues that the door may have, it is only a matter of time before the opener will stop working, and beside garage door repair in the Bronx, you will also need a new garage door opener.

New Garage Opener Bronx NY

Many times people in Bronx ask us: “Which is the best garage opener”? And we always answer that just like anything else in life, when you invest in quality, and in high quality opener, you get quality in return. So if you are planning to use the services of a garage door contractor in New York to provide you with a new opener, always aim for quality. Since high quality opener may cost little more at the moment, but will turn to a great investment since it will serve you for many years.
Our preferred garage door opener is the Lift Master garage opener. We find their products to be reliable, strong and easy to maintain. And when we come to repair or to replace an opener which is more than 20 years old, we know why we choose Lift Master garage opener as our preferred brand for garage doors installation in the Bronx.
There is another questions you need to ask yourself when you are planning a new garage opener installation in Bronx: Which type of garage opener will be the best for me? The opener types are divided between the chain drive and the belt drive openers. And when they are made by Lift master. They are both strong and reliable. So all that left for you is to choose between the quit, and the quieter opener.


Garage Maintenance Service Bronx New York

The weather in New York City can get tough sometime, and it affect the garage and its parts. If you would like to make sure that the door will continue to operate, and to ensure that the parts will remain protected through the winter, we recommend to perform a garage door tune up for every garage door in Bronx New York every 6 months. If you need a garage tune up service, you can choose between doing it yourself, and between using our garage doors service in Bronx, which include garage door tune up.
The garage lubrication and tune is a simple process, which by following the basic guidelines will ensure that your garage door in Bronx will go on working just like it does, and for many more years. If you are interested in maintain your garage in Bronx by DIY, we recommend the following Video by that explain how to lubricate and tune a residential garage door. The video is general, and can help maintain any garage door in America including garage doors in the Bronx or garage doors in NYC.
If you are visiting our website, and you are reading this article about overhead doors services in the Bronx, and you are experiencing problems with your garage door in Bronx, don’t be so sure that lubricating the door will solve all problems. The lubrication is a part of the maintenance, and should be performed even if the door is working fine, and it is being performed to prevent garage problems for happening. If your garage door in Bronx is broken, damaged, or if it need repairs, lubricating it will not help. You will have to repair it first, and only then to lubricate it.  With our same day service in New York, we will repair your garage door and we will lubricate it by the end of the service. Like we did for every one of our garage doors customers in NYC.

New Garage Door Bronx New York

If your garage door in the Bronx is too old to be fixed, or if fixing the door means that the door will not be safe enough for use, you may need to replace the door and install a new one. If you decide to purchase a new garage door, and to replace your existing garage door, we are your solution in Bronx. We carry high quality garage doors from leading overhead door brands like Amarr Commercial Garage Doors, Wayne Dalton Commercial doors and Matalonco Garage Doors, and we offer professional technicians for the installation. We have successfully installed many garage doors in Bronx, and we will be proud if you will let us install your new garage door.
We believe that when you supply and install high quality garage doors, you are establishing a reputation as a reliable company. So we only supply and install high quality products. And since there are other garage door suppliers in Bronx New York, it is always better to compare prices, and to ask for reviews about garage door installation in Bronx. But like we said, we only install quality garages, since we need to put our signature on the job, so we will never install a cheap garage door. If you are looking for a cheap garage door installation, there are garage door contractors in Bronx who will be glad to install the cheap doors for you. But if you understand the value of quality, and appreciate professional job, and respect people who consider their job as a form of an art work, then you should contact us for a high quality garage door installation in Bronx New York.

Cheap or quality door?

Garage doors Bronx NY

This is a question that you should answer by yourself, after all you are the one that will use the door every day, sometime, multiple times a day. We know one thing: Whenever we install high quality garage doors, we know that we provided high quality product and high quality garage door installation in the Bronx. And this is the reason why you can ask each one of our garage doors customers in the Bronx, and they will all tell you that All New York Garage Doors is a company you can trust to provide you with high quality doors and high quality products.

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